Thursday, May 12, 2011

Albania for 3 months, what??

Every time I think about living in another country for my whole summer, honestly it scares me but it makes me excited at the same time. Sure I have been away from family and friends for a long period of time but they were always a "free" phone call away or I could simply text them and say hello but this summer I won't necessarily be able to do that. Its going to be difficult at times when I want to talk to my momma but I can't because it will be day time where I am at but she will be sound asleep. I think those will be the times where I will need and want to lean on God for strength. There are going to be times where I feel like I'm falling apart (probably dramatic I know :) ) and I need someone to talk. I need to remember always that God is there and he can be the shoulder I cry on or he can lend an ear to hear me complain or cry to. Even though I am very very very nervous about this trip, I know its what I am supposed to be doing for my summer!
You hear people say that all the time...I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. But truthfully, this is what God has planned for me for my summer 2011. My lovely roommate mentioned this trip to me at the beginning of this past year and usually I would just listen to what she had to say and then be on my way and not really think about the trip as something I should do or would want to do. But for some reason when she mentioned this trip to me it stuck with me from the very beginning. There was something inside of me that kept on thinking about this great opportunity. As the months flew by, money kept on coming in and it came so fast that it seemed as if it was a sign that I was supposed to go on this trip. So many people have helped in so many ways. I feel very grateful and am looking forward to what is in store for me and my team this summer!!!


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